Phillips 66 lab

A Pioneering Attitude

Determined to succeed and committed to innovation, Phillips became an industry leader, transforming basic oil and gas resources into an incredible array of useful products. See the results of remarkable genius and hear about these discoveries in their own words. 
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Growing Strong

Visionary leaders and talented employees forged a record of relentless achievement. Learn about the evolution of the Phillips shield and how the company not only survived, but thrived in the face of adversity.

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One Big Family

Phillips became known as the company that cared, by promoting the well-being of its employees while reaching out to enrich the lives of others. Experience the feeling of family, sit in the barber chair and see what employees did for fun when the work day ended.

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Bucking the Odds

In a high-risk business where most companies failed, Phillips found ways to win. What was it like in the rough and rowdy days of the Burbank Field? Is it possible to be a level-headed risk-taker? The Phillips brothers set an example that eventually led to every corner of the globe.

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Energy Provider

From refined petroleum fuels to super-cooled natural gas, Phillips found better ways to deliver energy to consumers. Like small neighborhoods within a city the refineries reflected the spirit of the dedicated employees. Learn how oil and gas resources reach our everyday lives.

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Taking to the Skies

From sponsoring pioneer pilots to creating fuels for modern air travel, Phillips earned its wings. Phillips actually produced aviation fuels before automotive fuels – progressing from skyways to the highways. Soar with the aviation pioneers in Phillips’ history.

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Selling 66

From street corners to sports stadiums, the Phillips 66 brand scored big with consumers everywhere. How did Phillips 66 get its name? Can you Phill Up and Fly with the Gasoline That Won the West? Yes, if you Go First Class with The Performance Company – Phillips 66.